With her will broken, the slut's converted to slavery 1
With her will broken, the slut's converted to slavery 2
With her will broken, the slut's converted to slavery 3
With her will broken, the slut's converted to slavery 4

After so much stress, our victim of slavery deserved some drops of water, additionally to her cold sweat, to cool down. Now even a  soft side can be shown to the slave bitch, make her moan with manual stimulation and vaginal masturbation and finally take her down from the cross. Now she even fetches like a good doggy!

53 - Der Pfad zur Demut.jpg 

The Lickin slut

2:44 minutesBDSM
The Lickin slut 1
The Lickin slut 2
The Lickin slut 3
The Lickin slut 4

First the slave gets freed from the cross and there she lies on the floor to kiss the shoes. But not for long felt good for her. 'Cause here comes preparation, now she really has to suffer.


56 - Ueber die Schmerzgrenze.jpg 

„La petite mort“ on the cross 1
„La petite mort“ on the cross 2
„La petite mort“ on the cross 3
„La petite mort“ on the cross 4

The next step at the salvation of suicides is fixation at the saltire. And to get an idea of what pain is, the nipples are sucked in with a syringe, until the senses dwindle caused by pain. Now the spirits revive quickly!


53 - Der Pfad zur Demut.jpg 

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Humiliation and caning of the slave girl 1
Humiliation and caning of the slave girl 2
Humiliation and caning of the slave girl 3
Humiliation and caning of the slave girl 4

With the clamp in it's mouth the slave bitch hangs on a St Andrew's cross and Desdenova exactly knows what he's doing. He afflicts her, so she's not supposed to have any fun. For a right humiliation she gets whipped hardly first.


56 - Ueber die Schmerzgrenze.jpg

The illuminated twat

5:59 minutesBDSM
The illuminated twat  1
The illuminated twat  2
The illuminated twat  3
The illuminated twat  4

Master Tobi doesn't get enough of playing and needles Rita's cunt. But that aren't normal needles, they're glowing. More and more needles the master sticks into her twat so she illuminates like a chain of lights.


01 - Hardcore SM - gefoltert bis zur Ekstase.jpg

The Chastised Statue

7:46 minutesBDSM
The Chastised Statue 1
The Chastised Statue 2
The Chastised Statue 3
The Chastised Statue 4

After some ass spanking it’s about playing the living statue now. As she bents over the wailing maid at least is a real eyecatcher. In this position all her holes are to be inspected until she gets wet. Blindfolded the punishment goes on; first she gets the cane followed by the cat o’ nine tails. Slowly but surely she learned her lesson in submission!


53 - Der Pfad zur Demut.jpg  


7:46 minutesBDSM
Reeducation 1
Reeducation 2
Reeducation 3
Reeducation 4

Slavery creates hope – boot licking and pussy rubbing makes suicidal maids think different; no more suicidal thoughts. And to ensure it sticks in mind, the maid gets her bottom belted. Now the subordinate servant moans with pleasure, enjoying life and licking her masters hand like a panting dog! But the renewed mentioning of her desire for suicide makes the Cop use the cane again, leaving welts on her slave ass…


53 - Der Pfad zur Demut.jpg