Hardcore orgasm for the little slave 1
Hardcore orgasm for the little slave 2

She screams it all out: Hard orgasm for her. The master fucks up her little pussy until it gets more and more wet...

YEN003 - The DIRTY WAY of SM.jpg 

Ligated tits and hard beatings 1
Ligated tits and hard beatings 2
Ligated tits and hard beatings 3
Ligated tits and hard beatings 4

First her tits are getting ligated intensely and clipped and as an encore slave Rita's ass is beaten red by the rod of the master. As a reward for Rita listening that good her wet cunt is beeing considered with a heavy fisting and her ass filled with a plug. 


01 - Hardcore SM - gefoltert bis zur Ekstase.jpg

Clamped like a porcupine

8:38 minutesBDSM
Clamped like a porcupine 1
Clamped like a porcupine 2
Clamped like a porcupine 3
Clamped like a porcupine 4

Slave Rita must not see what master Tobi does with her so her eyes are bounded. Tobi kneads her twat tenderly with the finger, but there's more to come. As Rita gets horny, Tobi gets the pegs to clip Ritas pussy. Like a porcupine Rita lies on her back with pegs on her snatch.

Fisting, Klammern + Elektro 1
Fisting, Klammern + Elektro 2
Fisting, Klammern + Elektro 3
Fisting, Klammern + Elektro 4

Hardcore! Die Schamlippen geklammert, die Fotze gespickt und genadelt... Schraubzwingen an den Nippeln und die große Herren-Faust in der Pussy versenkt: BDSM-Herz, was willst du mehr? Aufgespritzten Titten, Reizstrom auf dem Kitzler und Katheter in der Pissritze!

Wrapped, pinched off  and  an vaginal cleansing 1
Wrapped, pinched off  and  an vaginal cleansing 2
Wrapped, pinched off  and  an vaginal cleansing 3
Wrapped, pinched off  and  an vaginal cleansing 4

With rope and clothespins the slave bitch is kept on the leash like a dog. And against the vaginal smell an electric toothbrush is most helpful. Ensuring the moaning is not only caused by vaginal stimulation, in the end the leash is ripped off…

53 - Der Pfad zur Demut.jpg 

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