Tittensklavin mit Seilen fixiert 1
Tittensklavin mit Seilen fixiert 2

Von der Decke hängen Seile und Kette und auf dem Boden steht meine nackte Zofe Eyleen mit nassen Haaren. Die Hände hinterm Kopf zusammengefesselt setze ich einen Knoten nach dem anderen und binde das Weib, wie es mir beliebt als Herr und Meister…


Nackte Zofe gefesselt

7:52 minutesBDSM
Nackte Zofe gefesselt 1
Nackte Zofe gefesselt 2

Als die Sklavin mein Spielzimmer betrat, konnte ich nicht anders: Sie mußte sich nackt ausziehen und ich habe sie mit Seilen gefesselt, die Hände überm Kopf, schön bewegungsunfähig!


The game of the sex slave girl 1
The game of the sex slave girl 2
The game of the sex slave girl 3
The game of the sex slave girl 4

Anja walks unsuspectingly the street, as she gets deviously abducted by Monsieur Desdenova. Whether she wants or not, she gets enchained and beaten. There is no escape for her out the assassins hands.


56 - Ueber die Schmerzgrenze.jpg

The unpent slave girl

6:17 minutesBDSM
The unpent slave girl 1
The unpent slave girl 2
The unpent slave girl 3
The unpent slave girl 4

Desdenova shows emotions and treats Anja kindly. The punishment is over, torture has an end, he releases the fat slave girl. But will this really be the end?


56 - Ueber die Schmerzgrenze.jpg

Resurrection as a slave

6:25 minutesBDSM
Resurrection as a slave 1
Resurrection as a slave 2
Resurrection as a slave 3
Resurrection as a slave 4

Hogtied the slave’s brought to an excursion in the green. Lying on the meadow the bitch Rieke is symbolically pelted with mud and ashes. Her resurrection as an eager slave is initialized by a sip from the water hose. Even her tight pussy is cleaned by a water jet…

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The humiliation of the tormentor 1
The humiliation of the tormentor 2
The humiliation of the tormentor 3
The humiliation of the tormentor 4

The prisoner has nothing coming to her but be nailed to the St Andrew's cross. At first Desdenova deals gently with her, but appearances can be deceiving. He's toughen up to slave Anja. Again he takes out his favorite toy: the whip! Harder and stronger the beat gets onto the naked slaves body....


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Fisting of a slave

13:34 minutesBDSM
Fisting of a slave 1
Fisting of a slave 2

My maid lay on the floor, her hands bound, her legs spread wide: like that I was able to fist her, what I really love a lot! She cried and screames, tears running down her face, as I tucked my huge fist into her!


The whole movie: HERE

Tied up into an eager package 1
Tied up into an eager package 2
Tied up into an eager package 3
Tied up into an eager package 4

After such a wild finish, doggy Rieke is allwowed to stay lying on the floor. But preventively she is professionally tied up. After all an eager slave lying on the floor should also be good looking…