Injected tits

6:36 minutesBDSM
Injected tits 1
Injected tits 2
Injected tits 3
Injected tits 4

The master can't do anything with flabby tits. So what helps there? Right, injections. And that's what Tobi does immediately. What not must be missed here for sure is the illuminated twat.


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The illuminated twat

5:59 minutesBDSM
The illuminated twat  1
The illuminated twat  2
The illuminated twat  3
The illuminated twat  4

Master Tobi doesn't get enough of playing and needles Rita's cunt. But that aren't normal needles, they're glowing. More and more needles the master sticks into her twat so she illuminates like a chain of lights.


01 - Hardcore SM - gefoltert bis zur Ekstase.jpg