Tuff beating for the slavegirls ass 1
Tuff beating for the slavegirls ass 2
Tuff beating for the slavegirls ass 3
Tuff beating for the slavegirls ass 4

Tobi loves seeing this cunt to suffer and whips out her ass for that. Rita has just to count every beat, but that's not enough for the master. After the whip there goes the rod and this even hurts some more. Rita's ass isn't just red it's fire-red. Huge stripes now decorate that ass. The twat shouldn't be missed so she gets whipped too with rod and whip. 



The little squirting pig

7:25 minutesBDSM
The little squirting pig 1
The little squirting pig 2

The slobbering slave squirts all over. She can’t hold it, the fingers on her pussy are to rough. When he fingers and fists her, she cums all over his hands with silent moans.


The jizzed slave girl

5:17 minutesBig Dick
The jizzed slave girl 1
The jizzed slave girl 2
The jizzed slave girl 3
The jizzed slave girl 4

The bitch may have no fun so she's getting jizzed happily by two dicks. Onto the face and nicely rubbed with a cane. For the bad performance she delivered she has got to be on the cross again to continue education.


Candle in mouth, plug in ass 1
Candle in mouth, plug in ass 2

The slave is presented with a candle in her slut-mouth and has to arrange with a big plug in her ass. With a last clap on her tits she's allowed to say "thank you" and "good bye" to her master before she's left like a little puppy.


The Taming of the Shrew

6:40 minutesBDSM
The Taming of the Shrew 1
The Taming of the Shrew 2
The Taming of the Shrew 3
The Taming of the Shrew 4

There’s no more opposing against boot licking, no more need for a cane… she’ll be a good and obedient slave from now on! And as a reward for the good doggy it’s allowed to come on the couch. But, just to be on the safe side, her beautiful ass is colored red. After this disciplinary measure, doggy has to fetch the butt plug…

53 - Der Pfad zur Demut.jpg

My slave - bondage on the floor 1
My slave - bondage on the floor 2

All bound,she had to lie down on the cold floor while I hit her cunt over and over again, pushed my fingers into her and made her lick my hand. I really fingered that bitch!



Wrapped, pinched off  and  an vaginal cleansing 1
Wrapped, pinched off  and  an vaginal cleansing 2
Wrapped, pinched off  and  an vaginal cleansing 3
Wrapped, pinched off  and  an vaginal cleansing 4

With rope and clothespins the slave bitch is kept on the leash like a dog. And against the vaginal smell an electric toothbrush is most helpful. Ensuring the moaning is not only caused by vaginal stimulation, in the end the leash is ripped off…

53 - Der Pfad zur Demut.jpg 

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Ass-fisting, squirting and some wax 1
Ass-fisting, squirting and some wax 2

Fist in the ass of the slave whore makes her very happy. So happy she squirts directly all over the floor. Need some hot wax to relax?

YEN003 - The DIRTY WAY of SM.jpg 

Devotion and lust

9:03 minutesBDSM
Devotion and lust 1
Devotion and lust 2

Slut or slave? Both! Waiting for the master with a dildo in her cunt. Constantine won’t let her wait. With a gag in her mouth you hear her silent pain.


67 - Abgerichtet - Sadomaso der haerteren Art.jpg