Abschieds- und Selbstmordgedanken 1
Abschieds- und Selbstmordgedanken 2
Abschieds- und Selbstmordgedanken 3
Abschieds- und Selbstmordgedanken 4

Zu devot zum Sterben, zu geil zum Leben... Sklavin Rieke trifft auf Kripo-Kommissar Desdenova, um wirklich zu erfahren, was Sadomaso am eigenen Leibe bedeutet!



53 - Der Pfad zur Demut.jpg 

Slave in white dress

8:00 minutesBDSM
Slave in white dress 1
Slave in white dress 2

Slave Jutta in a white skirt - submissive. Her master ties her on the chair, fixes her wrists with tape and grabs her tits…


67 - Abgerichtet - Sadomaso der haerteren Art.jpg 

Clamped like a porcupine

8:38 minutesBDSM
Clamped like a porcupine 1
Clamped like a porcupine 2
Clamped like a porcupine 3
Clamped like a porcupine 4

Slave Rita must not see what master Tobi does with her so her eyes are bounded. Tobi kneads her twat tenderly with the finger, but there's more to come. As Rita gets horny, Tobi gets the pegs to clip Ritas pussy. Like a porcupine Rita lies on her back with pegs on her snatch.

The way from a scary pussy to a dirty slut 1
The way from a scary pussy to a dirty slut 2
The way from a scary pussy to a dirty slut 3
The way from a scary pussy to a dirty slut 4

Feeling cold and dirty the slave was brought back into her master's house, after her resurrection; there she thanked him on her knees – giving him a tender kiss on his dick, sucking it to ecstasy. After the job done, doggy is brought back to its cage…


53 - Der Pfad zur Demut.jpg 

Golden Shower

7:24 minutesPeeing
Golden Shower 1
Golden Shower 2
Golden Shower 3
Golden Shower 4

This piss loving bitch is allowed for usage by her hot-blooded chef for the customer and is bond onto the cross. That horny cunt want´s to get the golden shower. Rubbing her cunt she sits in front of the cock waiting to get hit by the warm shower. As she get´s hit by the squirt she is moaning and sprall because of her horniness...


31 - Die Natur-Sekte.jpg

The unpent slave girl

6:17 minutesBDSM
The unpent slave girl 1
The unpent slave girl 2
The unpent slave girl 3
The unpent slave girl 4

Desdenova shows emotions and treats Anja kindly. The punishment is over, torture has an end, he releases the fat slave girl. But will this really be the end?


56 - Ueber die Schmerzgrenze.jpg

Resurrection as a slave

6:25 minutesBDSM
Resurrection as a slave 1
Resurrection as a slave 2
Resurrection as a slave 3
Resurrection as a slave 4

Hogtied the slave’s brought to an excursion in the green. Lying on the meadow the bitch Rieke is symbolically pelted with mud and ashes. Her resurrection as an eager slave is initialized by a sip from the water hose. Even her tight pussy is cleaned by a water jet…

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